This spell is a spoken charm activated by the powerful images of the 22 Major Arcana of a tarot deck.

These words have been very carefully created with thirty years experience of the tarot and magick, to invoke powerful and positive effects in your life.

Take out the 22 Majors of the Tarot and arrange them face-down in the order given below.

Turn them over one at a time, commencing with the Magician (I) and ending with the Fool (0), reciting as you do this spell:

I. This the Mistaken Word, the Sharp Wound of the Past,

II. This is the Secret I should have spoken, and the Veil of Time.

III. This is the Life that has yet to grow beyond what is Gone Before.

IV. This is the Power that still burns in the Embers,

V. This is the Pattern of my Upbringing and Life,

VI. This is the Relationship that has time to be fulfilled.

VII. This is the Shell of All that I Was,

VIII. This is All That I Tried to Keep Together,

IX. This is What I tell Myself when no-one else is here.

X. And This is the Time it All Changes.

XI. This is the Way in Which I Find Myself,

XII. And This is What I will Hold To Above All other things.

XIII. This is the Time of my Transformation, this is Time itself,

XIV. This is the Art and Alchemy of Symbol and Reality,

XV. The Living Nature of All Things Connected to Each Other,

XVI. And This is the End and the Beginning of Now,

XVII. The Singular Path, the Star of vision in the Darkness,

XVIII. The Fearful Path, that takes me into the deep unknown.

XIX. And this is the Light that is born at Midnight,

XX. The Call, the Unearthing, the Drawing up of the Fire,

XXI. This is the World in which I work, letting go of all I do not need.

0. And this, this is the truth, the freedom, and the way.

Each card and line should be said steadily, quickly and purposefully.

Hold each card for about 10 seconds with an open mind before moving onto the next card/sentence.

Use any deck for this working, ideally one you are totally familiar with, or one that you have never used at all.

Do not contemplate or reflect upon this ritual. Allow it to sink and arise in its own time.

This is a powerful “annual reset” which can be performed on Samhain (Halloween) night, October 31st, every year.

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Text Copyright: Marcus Katz, Tarosophy Squared (forthcoming, 2016).
Image Copyright: tanyusha2014 / 123RF Stock Photo

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