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Have you ever wondered if magick is real, if tarot can tell you truth about unseen things, and what might happen if you could commune with nature?

Here at Magicka School we give you a magical training you can trust, based on over forty years of real experience and over ten years of online teaching.

You can make new friends, share magical discoveries, and learn in a supportive and safe space here at Magicka School.

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  • Wicca Revealed – 12 month course
  • Wicca Advanced – 12 month course
  • Alchemy Workshop – 6 week course
  • Spellcrafting – 6 month course
  • Beginner’s Tarot – 12 month course
  • Advanced Tarot – 12 month course
  • Magickal Herbal Compleat – 12 month course
  • Mystery Schools 101 – 4 month course
  • Ancient Egyptian Magick  – 4 month course
  • Dragon Magic Course by Steph Engert – 6 week course NEW!
  • Natural Magic – MASSIVE NEW COURSE NOW OPEN Autumn 2021!
  • Introduction to Kabbalah – Currently being revised

All our courses feature full reading lists, chances to test your learning, practical spellwork and rituals, optional exercises and a wealth of material.
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The classes are released to you every month to ensure a structured and steady comprehension of knowledge and experience. Most of the courses have 12 classes, taking a year to complete if you move on to each class as soon as the next is available and you pass the class test for that month.

If you wish, you can start *all* the courses in your first month, for example, to get a great idea of the level of material to be found in the School.

Moon MagickWe invite you to join us and get started on your magical path, in the company of Marcus Katz, initiated witch (Gardnerian/Alexandrian in the direct lineage of a Derbyshire coven hived from Patricia Crowther & Gerald Gardner), author of the Magister and the ground-breaking Tarosophy + Brina Katz (co-Director of Magicka School & author of Tarot, Tea and Terrapins) + Pino Longchild (Founder of Magicka School, leading UK pagan teacher & history teacher) + Tali Goodwin (award-winning author & researcher credited with re-discovering the Original Lenormand and A. E. Waite’s second Tarot images after a century of secrecy) + Steph Engert, Designer of the Starlight Dragon Tarot.


Each month you will unlock a new video class with exclusive content from our temple of working magick, based on decades of real practice & results.

  • Candle Magick for Relationships, Career and Change! (1hr)

  • Psychic Protection & Shielding (2 classses x 1hr each)
  • Tarot Spellcrafting (100 mins)
  • Improve Your Visualisation (80 mins)
  • Moon Magick (1hr)

We offer these video classes to the public for $45 each, but they are free as part of your first five months membership, saving you $175 on top of all other student membership resources & benefits.

AND during your 7th-10th months you will receive the Fires of Azrael, our EXCLUSIVE 4-Class Video Course on Dion Fortune, featuring unpublished material and insights, sharing her life & magick, worth another $95 (public price).

Not sure if you should join right now? As a registered student, not only will you be learning good magick from all our courses, as you progress through the School, you will also receive, unlocked online fortnightly & monthly:

  • Unique and Simple 7-Day Solitary Working for each of the 8 Festivals
  • 74 back-issues of our original Magickal Light magazine

  • PLUS 16 back-issues of the Portal magazine

  • A Magicka Scroll on esoteric subjects released every two weeks of your student membership

As a student, the Magicka Scrolls build up an invaluable and informed series of materials with teaching from some of the world’s best teachers and authors, and content exclusive to Magicka School.

NEW FOR 2021

The Magicum Perpetuum, a collectible Book of Shadows for all Students!

Every month we provide unique and powerful spells, which you can also discuss in our Facebook group, sharing your experiences and results with supportive students and teachers!

Get your first spell, a powerful and positive BINDING SPELL, returning ill-will to whosoever sends it, based on an ancient Coptic incantation, when you join!

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NEW: The Magicka Scrolls, giving you insight on a vast range of magical subjects every TWO WEEKS of your membership. Receive these unique materials written by experienced practitioners from forty years of real magical life covering;

  • Working with Thought Forms
  • Consecration Rituals
  • Power Spots
  • Spiritual Growth & Initiation
  • Kabbalah
  • Choosing a Magical Name
  • Spell Work
  • Devoting Yourself to a Deity
  • Creating a House Shrine
  • Working with Magick through Music
  • Tree Magick …

… and a new scroll every fortnight!

We invite you to join today and experience real magick with hundreds of fellow students in Magicka School for an education that may change your life!
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You can meet us and ask us any questions about the School or Courses in our welcoming and supportive Magicka School Facebook group at any time, with over 7,000 participants.

Here are just a few of our student testimonials.

  • I think that the Kabbalah course is my favorite Magicka School course. I first started to really delve into the Kabbalah when I began the Beginners’ Tarot course. The further into that course I went, the more interested in Kabbalah I became. When I became a Life Member and finally had access to the Kabbalah course, it was the first thing that I signed up for straight away. LOL.

    Every lesson is 100% exciting and captivating. It’s written in a gloriously easy-to-understand and laid-back style whilst keeping itself to-the-point and accurate in all areas.

    I have studied the Kabbalah outside of Marcus’ course since signing up, and I have to say that Marcus’ course is, by far, the best and most easily-digestible presentation that I have yet to encounter.

  • I am only half way through the Alchemy course but it is excellent and of very high quality. The reading materials are brilliant.

  • MM! I have experienced the most positive of experiences through Magicka school. The lessons are well written, easy to understand and I love doing research projects at the end of each lesson. I know you do not have to post them, but I am so grateful for those that do, as I am able to glean new understandings. This has been the best of studies I have to date undertaken and simply makes the most sense to me. It has provided a new lease on life for me. I am no longer weighed down by monotheistic beliefs, of which I have experienced throughout my life, hence a new found freedom. The moderators are very helpful and always have a kind attitude and word. This IS my family and I absolutely love it. I can not possibly express all of my thoughts here. Suffice it to say, I am free.

    Goddess of the Night
  • If I had to compare this site with anywhere else, it would have to be a cross between Hogwarts and magical School in charmed..that’s how ginormous this site is, I am that impressed and I intend to make full use of it!! Thank you for magicka school/ space and for this forum guys..oh, and I know how cheesy that may have sounded, but it had to be said!! Keep up your great works, MagickaSchool! You rock!!

    Autumn Moonlyte (Carol Evans)
  • Spellcrafting was a brilliant course. I fact I loved it so much I wish it were a little longer, I finished a couple of months ago and am missing it. But have moved onto other magicka courses and am enjoying them now instead.

    Many thanks for a wonderful course!

    BB Gem
  • Enjoyed this particular 2nd state-of-the-art study course, Advanced Wicca,  that implemented upon on the Wicca Revealed study course. Surely worth the member’s program price just by this course alone.

    Baby Dragon
  • Enjoyed this second Wicca advanced course which followed on from the Wicca Revealed course.

    Certainly worth the membership fee just for this course alone.

    Brightest Blessings!

  • Thank you to Magicka School,You show Great wisdom and knowledge on this site. What is so Beautiful though is the care you show in your students spiritual path no matter the background. What a wwonderfulgift to your fellow humans. I am so very grateful my path has led me here.

    Truly looking forward to Increasing my knowledge,Blessings to you all.

    Sophia WhiteWolf
  • I’ve always been the “crazy lady” in the neighborhood. Whenever someone got a belly ache or a bee sting, they were at my door for a cup of my tea, or to watch me mix a paste for the sting, but I was always held at arms length, always whispered about. Magicka School has given me my place to belong.

    This is my place to be who and what I am. At Magicka I am not the “crazy lady”.

    Baby Dragon
  • I love Magicka, I stumbled onto this site and now I know that it was more likely that I was pulled into it as I had come into a browsing list of multiple pagan sites and this was the only one that I did not delete without looking at, I simply opened it and in about 2 minutes said to myself, “well there you are!”

    I have gained Knowledge and friendships and continue to learn something new or find something to smile about or a comment that is directed straight to my heart, even when it really isn’t directed at me every day.

  • I’ve now been using the net for 7 years. In that time I’ve been part of many forums, chat groups and chat rooms. Magicka is the ONLY forum I have been to where you are accepted for who you are and made to feel a part of the family.

    There is something very special about this place.  And that’s not even counting the wealth of information and the wonderful courses they offer.


  • I’ve not been a member long but I am truly amazed by the amount of information that I have learned. I was not new to the Craft but the more I talked to the people here and perused the courses, the more I realized I had to learn! No matter the question or thought, the people in the forum and chats respond kindly and are always willing to help you in any way that they can.

    I have just upgraded to student member and I couldn’t be happier with the amount of knowledge, lessons and materials that are provided. I am blessed to have found Magicka and it’s wonderful members.

  • Magicka is a great place. At the time of posting this, I haven’t been a member for very long, but I’ve already made a bunch of friends.  It’s a very supportive place, and I’ve learned heaps while I’ve been here. I really like the diversity in this website, along with how friendly everyone is.

    Member’s opinions vary heaps, but it’s still maintained a friendly atmosphere.  All in all, I’m really happy that I found this website.


From Alaska to Paraguay, from the Cayman Islands to Japan, from Tasmania to Norway and from South Africa to Iceland, Magicka School now spans the globe and has members in over 42 countries on the planet!! Currently, over 1,500 people join the site every month and, so far, 143,000 people have registered with us since March 2006. This has been possible thanks to many recommendations by our members who have spread news of the School far and wide. Why not sign up to Magicka School today and become part of one of the fastest growing websites of its kind?