Magicka School would like to share these courses from our student curriculum to the public.

Learn Psychic Shielding with Maggi Setti and Improve Your Visualisation and Pathworking with Marcus Katz.

You can view these courses online and as many times as you like at your convenience. If you are a lifetime member, you can register at the student rate of $2 (Visualisation class) or $5 (Psychic Shielding) on the Members Premium Video Course page, or for non-members, you can purchase the courses at $10 (Visualisation) or $30 (Psychic Shielding) with the links below.

Course: Psychic Shielding
Course Fee: $30 ($5 to lifetime members)


Course: Visualisation, Pathworking & DreamWork
Course Fee: $10 ($2 to lifetime members)